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How To Be Happy Being Yourself. Be Honest and Fair With Your Wants and Needs To Help Others More Successfully

"Be Yourself, Everybody Else Is Taken"

Be who you are. So many of us now a days try to be something were not. It causes stress and anxieties that otherwise would not be there. Constantly trying to restrict ourselves to fit in to these stereo-typical types in order to portray a specific image to the masses, this is a lot of work and full-time job. Between social media, school, our social circles, are family and whatever else; if we want them to see us as something were not we must constantly keep up this false image like a lie that just keeps growing and becomes harder and harder to manage. It continues to grow and grow until it gets out of hand and finally the truth comes out (the truth always comes out..). This can make being happy nearly impossible, since the best way to be happy and worry free is to be who you really are, I mean who you REALLY REALLY are, there's no use lying to yourself either because in the long-run even though so many of us do it, it always turns out negatively.
    In the case of being yourself, eventually if you ever want to get close to anyone whether it's your family, a friends, or you fall in love then no matter, they are going to have to see who you really are. Who you really are is who you are when no one is around.
       If you are worried about how a friend or acquaintance will react or feel about you if they found out about a little quirk you have (maybe your a sci-guy) then you may need to reassess that relationship. You may not WANT to be close with those people you consider high and mighty but rude and ignorant. If your friends only like you for someone you are pretending to be then they are not really friends are they? Not true friends at least. Plus you'll attract more better friends if you just be yourself, no games, no charades. 

ALWAYS love yourself and embrace who you are. We are all goofy and a little strange in our own ways, we all believe that there should be a TV show made about us at some point. THAT'S what makes us all individuals, special, different, that's what makes us love to laugh and enjoy life. If you hold back being who you are in fear of others thinking your weird or strange, then the only person you are hurting is yourself. 
Not to mention you are taking away that persons chance to meet the real you, the unique one-of-a-kind person that you really are, robbing them of any ability to get close to the real you even if they wanted to. 

          Think about your good friends, the ones you cant stop laughing with when your around them, the ones that make you love life and appreciate the little things. Chances are they could probably be considered strange or a little weird in their own right. These nine times out of ten are the people at least when comfortable are truly being themselves. They inspire confidence and instill happiness in everyone they come across. They seem to have a super human power to make others happy and there's no way you could affect others that dramatically and positively. THAT'S WRONG. YES YOU CAN. 
Yes these people are special, but so is everyone in one way or another and we all have the capability and ability to be as happy as we want and radiate happiness and affect others in the same way these extremely passionate and happy close friends  have affected us. 
       They live worry free because they have no covers to keep up they're surrounded by people who love them for who they are no matter what. People gravitate towards them. When you are confident in yourself and not try to be anything you are not then you will always find happiness which is what ALL people want. Being true to yourself; fulfilling your wants and needs allows you to radiate positivity and genuine happiness to your close friends, loved-ones, and strangers. 

You can be as happy as you let yourself be.

I can not tell you how to be yourself or what decisions will be best for you. These are the questions that we must all strive to answer for ourselves through experience and trial & error. As long as you follow and stand by your morals and ethics, always being absolutely true to yourself; you're wants and needs, your need to help others, as well as feed your desire to love and be loved. Never trying to be something you are not, BUT ALWAYS TRYING TO BE THE BEST YOU, YOU CAN BE.  Constantly striving for improvement and growth with a conscious effort to smile and spread joy and positivity to everyone you meet no matter what. 
Then eventually you will be that person previously mentioned that you love to be around, not only just to your friends and loved ones but ever random person you come in contact with as well.

My own personal thought. " if you aren't being weird, you aren't being yourself."

My favorite thoughts:
"Be a character, NOT a type."

"Be yourself, everyone else is taken"

Darrien Anthony Eouse


SIGN ONLINE PETITION: Governor Rick Scott: Stop the Lake Okeechobee discharges into the St Lucie River and Estuaries

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Stop the Lake Okeechobee discharges into the St Lucie River and Estuaries

I am posting this to help more people be aware of this extremely under known issue. I have a personal friend of mine who is one of the most inspiring people I have ever met or spoke with she is extremely passionate about this subject guarding Governor Rick Scott and the discharging into Lake Okeechobee please help spread the message and see the link below for further details into the issue; spread the message, yell the message, read the message but do not ignore the message is all I ask please. Governor Rick Scott: Stop the Lake Okeechobee discharges into the St Lucie River and Estuaries

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Conscious Thought. The Entrepreneurial Mind. Helping Others Succeed

Entrepreneurs are a key example of people with conscious thought. They push the boundaries are problem solvers and don't see life as something that has to be mundane because giving our abilities of thought and creativity we can create an environment or job that we feel comfortable living in, working for,  and are excited by. 

My mindset is very much entrepreneurial which gave rise to this posting. Live Now is a venture to bring awareness to peers to help those around you be positive,  follow your passions and help others pursue their passion and support them when they take the risk of putting themselves out their socially and financially


    The ability to think and have a thought is what separates our species from all others on this planet. Most of our thoughts are just automatic reactions to certain stimuli. Circumstances occur, a chain of thought gets triggered; that chain of thought gives rise to more thoughts. The nature of our thoughts depends on our past conditioning, what we have learned to think as a result of our past experiences.
     As society grew we began to encounter more and more that gave rise to thoughts. In order to survive we began to adapt, our brains took certain combinations of stimuli in difference circumstances. The thought that occurred was stored subconsciously for our brains to access and react to.
     These thoughts that are occuring subconsciously are mostly basic human instincts; if you put your hand on a burning stove, you immediately pull your hand away as a reaction. It was not necessary for your brain to consciously think about the stove being scalding before pulling your hand away. This is just one example but these thoughts that started out at first as natural fight or flight responses or necessary for survival.

     In today's society this subconscious thinking is out of control. It is not limited to human survival any more. It makes sense that since the establishment of laws and medicine, human survival as become less of a concern. Our generation has become increasingly fast paced and ritualistic. We are all on schedules. Whether your in school, in sports, at work, or even on a vacation we all have schedules whether written or not we all have our own order of doing things. Even in the grand scheme of things we are on a schedule, we have an order of doing things that is commonly agreed upon by ourselves and society. We go to school, get a job, get married, have kids, retire, and then have grandchildren.

     Our lives have become predictable in way, at least to ourselves. Just as our body as muscle memory, if you do something over and over and over again you begin to not have to think about it as much consciously and it sort of just happens. This can be a positive thing such as in sports or it can be a negative thing such as a bad habit.

     Since the nature of our thoughts depends on our past conditioning and the majority of people are conditioned to follow the same schedule or routine repeatedly then that means that the majority of our lives can unfortunately all fall victim to our subconscious thoughts.

     This is what our generation is lacking today. Conscious Thought. We have turned in to robots going through our daily lives and not being able to recollect a single thing about that day if questioned. The majority are running on auto pilot. Have you ever been driving on the highway and zoned out to where you drive right by your exit plus a few others? Maybe you were on a long drive and couldn't remember a single thing about the drive? Either way this is the best analogy I can think of to correlate to my point. It may be happening to you right now.

     Think about everything that your missing by living like this. Life is to short to be on autopilot, not to mention that these subconscious responses are from past experiences and may not be able to fully handle the new situation at hand. We need to take back control of our lives and our thoughts. We need to become aware of our surroundings and appreciate the things around us. The work that has gone in to everything. The wonders of the earth. The wonders of man. The art in all of our surroundings. How awful would it be to be on your death bed and when you try to remember your past find that there is hardly anything there.

     Conscious thought creates dreams. In encourages you to grow and try new things. It inspires you to find your passions in life. All we must do is become aware of the existing thought and bring it to consciousness. It takes time and practice, become an observer. Notice things, think about things then think about your thought on that thing. Where did the thought come from? What did that thought lead you to? Was it a positive or negative thought? What kind of emotion did that thought bring?

     Once you question or think about your thoughts you gain an awareness. An awareness in you that is not only thinking, but is aware of the thought. This Awareness is what eventually gives one the possibility of directing and channeling thoughts, of dissolving a thought or thought pattern that one experiences as negative. You can begin to experiment with how your Awareness can shift, change, focus, or dissolve a thought pattern. People try to control their thoughts with their will. You will find it quite a different experience to allow your Awareness to transform your thoughts. The foundation is simply to become aware that there is an Awareness in you that is aware of your thoughts.

     Live Now. Think Now. Become Aware.

Darrien Eouse

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Brief Intro From Last Year

Introduction From Darrien - 11/12/12

      Hello, I first want to start off by thanking you for visiting this site. It truthfully is a collaborative effort and it all begins with knowledge. So please spread the word, participate in discussions, and please leave a suggestion if you have any!
     My name is Darrien Eouse. I am 21 years old and currently living in Anaheim, CA managing my families West Coast Operations and a 130,000 sq ft whole and retail distribution of furniture and home-decor. Please feel free to visit our websites : worldofdecor.com and afdhome.com. Who knows maybe if you mention my name you will get a discount ;)    
      In addition, I am also a licensed Auctioneer (yes, the fast talker guy) and am currently doing about 200 different auction events a year, both for my family and for other individuals and companies. Feel free to check out my families Auction SiteWorldofDecorAuctions.comYou can keep up to date with any of the local sales we have all around the country and hopefully I will see you at one!
      I have always loved people and have never been shy when it comes to public speaking. In fact, I adore it. I absolutely love what I do and am truly passionate about it, which is what partly inspired me to begin this site in hopes of spreading knowledge to those who are also willing and able to make a change for a better future but may not be sure exactly on how to start.
     I love people and have the utmost respect for everyone and believe that anyone is capable of absolutely amazing things as long as they are doing what they love. I believe with all my heart that our generation has the opportunity to create the best world all around that has ever existed. It's up to us and there's no more waiting! It's our turn, now, right now! It's up to all of us to do it but through collaborative efforts; helping each other, feeding off each other's passions. When we are passionate about what we are doing, we always succeed. In the end, we ALWAYS succeed.
     No more excuses, do what you love, be yourself, and love all others. It's possible, it's actually really easy, it's now up to us so now there is no one else to blame if we drop the ball. Lets not miss our opportunity to make a mark in history. I know I don't want to!
- Darrien Eouse