What Is Intuition? Why You Need To Listen to your Intuition Why You Should Trust Your Gut

Intuition: Trust Your Gut, It Knows Something You Don't
-Darrien Eouse

     Our intuition stems from our mind recognizing certain patterns of senses, scents, touch, and the others that either occur alone or in conjunction with others. Our mind is able to recognize and pick-up on these factors that may not be considered consciously because of inaccessibility. 
     Our mind will remember everything it encounters through our entire life. Why then is our memory foggy? Because in order to survive in the fast paced society we live in today, our brains have adapted to blocking out things that it considers to be ordinary or constant. Although, our memories can be heightened by certain triggers such as one of the senses we contribute to a certain outcome. 
     An example of how intuition can correlate to real scenarios is as follows; Have you ever seen someone about to step in the street to cross the road, and you know the person did not see the car coming around the corner that you did. One way of warning a person, "Excuse me sir/ma'am I am sorry for interrupting your jog but you see I believe there is a car coming around the corner that you were not able to see." Very polite. Too bad the person was probably flattened.
    What we would say is, "CAR!!!" Then the person would immediately turn around and leap for the pavement. That would save his life, because the person did not hesitate or bother to check if the scream was for him or not. He just listened and got the hell out of the street (his intuition probably told him too). 
     Intuition works the same way, instead of knowing why you know the answer, you just do. This is because our brain does not have enough time to explain it slow enough for your conscious mind to understand. We too should react immediately too our gut-feelings because if they weren't meant to be acted on immediately, then our brain would have taken the time to explain it's reasoning. 
     When you feel that felling in your stomach or something just doesn't feel right, take a step back examine the situation and you will find that your gut is never wrong.
-Darrien Eouse


The Best Way to Get Things Done. To Plan or Not To Plan. Why Ask That Question? This Is Why

   The Planning Conundrum?
Let's Find Out What The REAL Best Way To Get Thing's Done Is!
I am going to explain to you how I look at planning. It's just my opinion. Please feel free to ask questions or offer any critiques or criticisms! 

     The word "now" means exactly that, right now. There is comfort and beauty in the fact that "now" is and always will be, right now or currently happening. It can not and will not ever change. We will always know when it's happening, so there wont be any surprises. In knowing and understanding this, subconsciously sometime consciously, we become more confident from the feeling of being prepared.

     Most people feel less stressed when they know what's coming next, so they form habits or routines that allow them to plan their day to feel more in control of their hectic lives, sort of like auto-pilot. My personal opinion is that this is wrong and sets you up for a boring, unhappy, and doomed results eventually. Even though, by the masses, it is considered a critical tool to learn to plan. I believe that planning and knowing what needs to be done are two different things.
     Let me explain, when you make a plan for something it's safe to say that you are making the plan to feel more in control and to be successful, correct? No matter what, even if you are the best planner in the world, if you make a plan for something to happen, there is absolutely no guarantee that it will happen according to plan. The second things stop going according to how we planned or how they were expected to, we feel that  imaginary sense of control ripped right out from under us. This makes us feel more out of control than ever and are not able to make the best decisions of how to handle the situations that we are encountering at the present moment (now). 
     Our mind becomes bogged down with anxiety, fear, worry, self-consciousnesses, feeling of being out-of-control, thinking of the negative consequences that are going result instead of concentrating on the problem at hand. The Law of Attraction is an extremely powerful scientific theory; which is basically, if you think it will happen, it will happen. When things stop going according to plan or something happens we didn't anticipate and plan for, our mind cannonballs from the obvious false feeling of "control" in to negativity and self-doubt subconsciously and consciously. 
     It is true, positivity breeds positivity (like a small is contagious and others cant help but to smile back) but it also true that negativity breeds negativity (when someone is crying it can affect the whole room). The more negativity in your heart and mind, the more negativity will continue to grow. This becomes even more important because then according to the Law of Attraction  this will end in in tangible negative results not just anxieties or fear. 
     Luckily we can change this outcome before it begins and turn it in to a happy, positive, knowledgeable experience that will benefit ourselves and others physically, psychologically and spiritually. Instead of planning what your going to do step-by-step, KNOW WHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE, and Live Now. Decisions are made from examination of present circumstances and our intuitions. Sounds easy and it is. In fact it's natural, it only becomes hard when our minds are bogged down with thoughts of anxieties, self-doubt, the past, and the future. 
     Do not throw away everything you learned in school and in life about planning because that is not what I intended. Planning has it's benefits, those people that are much to anal, plan everything little step, even plan when to use the restroom. Planning in the sense of knowing what needs to be done by when is the kind of planning I endorse full heartily. 
     Tell yourself, "I know what needs to be done, and I promise myself that I will remain concentrated in the present moment in order to handle the obstacles that incur to the best of my abilities and in order to make the best decision that will lead me closer to my desired result." This sums it all up, remaining observant and solely concentrating on the task at hand allows you to better make the decisions and steps that will lead you closer to your desired goal. This will also eliminate worrying and anxieties completely as well because I wrote in a previous article, "It's Our Turn, Now! Live Now. Make a Difference and Change the World." that said when living in the present moment (now) it is impossible to worry because the definition of 'worry' in itself is to think about past or future events. I also went on to say that " the present moment (now) is the only time that can ever affect anything, so why wouldn't you want full concentration on the present? " 
     My final reason for believing this is a better approach for getting things done happily, accurately, and positively is because with this approach you also allow yourself to heighten your intuition which is another key factor in good decision makings. While concentrated on the present moment your self-awareness and awareness in general is heightened. I will go in to more detail about intuition in my next posting, but quickly it is your body's way of giving you the most accurate advice on decision-making in milliseconds. This is where all the things from your past that you have ever experienced with any of the five sense are stored in your mind and your brain quickly runs through all the combinations of senses in each particular situation sending your body signals to help with your decision making. I believe that this is a much better way of doing this than consciously dwelling on the past. Remember, our mind remember everything, everything seen, touched, smelled, heard, or tasted. But our memories tend to be extremely vague and foggy. 

 Know What Needs To Be Done. Do It. Live Now & Trust Your Intuition
-Darrien Eouse


Make a Difference and Change the World

It's Our Turn, Now!

Make a Difference and Change the World

     It's our turn. Now. Right now. Get up, get out there, change the world, and make a difference. Our generation is going to determine the future of not only the country we live but also the world everyone lives. Personally, I do not  believe this is something to take lightly by any means. Not only are we going to live in the future we create, so are our children, and our children's children.    
     That is a truth we should all keep close at heart and mind. 

It's a collaborative effort and we all need to do our part. If thats not enough motivation to make a change for the better Now, then consider the fact the we also live in a generation unlike any seen before.
Everything we do now, everything we say, and everything we write will be not only at our children's disposal but all future generations to come as well. They will be able to watch your every move just like a movie. Our lives are going to be an open book for them to learn from and judge life-decisions by.
    Now, is also the best time too for us all to realize and understand that as humans we are not remembered for what we take from this world but rather what we give back to it. Our personal stories, success' and failure's, our legacy if you will can either be the cause of positive or negative inspiration's and aspiration's of our lineage. That fortunately can be greatly affected by the actions and decisions you make now. A lot of people still wonder, "how can I make a difference and change the world?" This I believe is an easy answer, especially in 2012. No matter the subject or niche there will always be people follow you and your message. My recipe is as follows;

"To Make A Difference: Start with yourself. Expand Your Awareness to Increase Consciousness. Believe In Yourself, and Radiate Positive Energy to The World."

    Human kind as a whole responds to Subtle Energy such as passion. Anything can become popular or a fad as our history has proved. The deciding factor then must be in the presenter. Have you ever seen a speaker who was so passionate about what they were talking about that you actually got excited about a topic usually uninteresting to you? What was it about the topic that suddenly had made you so enthralled by it. The topic is the same, still contains all the same information from when you despised it. Then what was different this time? The presentation of it changed due to the Energy exhibited by the Presenter. It's wasn't being presented in the boring, uninteresting way it had been before. The speaker was passionate about the topic which radiated forth spreading to you and excited your enthusiasm for the subject that you didn't know existed before.

    People naturally respond to passion, and passion comes from doing what we love or doing something for what we love. In fact, passion is so persuasive it can even blur such clearly defined moral lines. As terrible as it is look at the Holocaust and Hitler. Hitler was an extremely passionate man and although his intentions were evil and misguided, he still managed to control one of the largest countries in the world and make an inhumane act of violence seem like the right thing to do to many.   I am in no way saying that this is right in any way, shape, or form instead I am merely using this as an example to the power that passion can have.

Consider this example; if you have ever sat close to a fire, you felt the heat on your skin although you couldn't see the heat's energy you knew it was from the fire. When the fire grows it's energy grows with it and you can feel the heat much more intensely. When the fire weakens you must get closer to feel the heat. 

I believe that humans have the same capability. Imagine a fire burning bright inside each individual. When we are doing what we love that fire is burning much stronger and more people are able to feel it as well as feed off of it. Conscious awareness is the fuel to each person's fire and is achieved in a different manner for every person. It is our own responsibility, just as we have found what makes a real fire burn stronger, to find out what makes our fire burn brighter. Then, let it burn baby, burn.

    Ask yourself sincerely what you love to do. Then do it. Learn from mistakes and hiccups, gain experience, form well-thought opinions, and grow personally fueled by natural passion. Finally, put yourself out there. Be self-confident enough to take the "social risk" and put yourself out there. As I have said before people respond to passion, but people cant respond if they are never shown. Keep that in mind.

    One of my all time favorite quotes I believe states it very well, "do something you love and you will never work a day in your life." When you are passionate and love what your doing, it's not work, it's fun.

    Just as a young man works to secure his families future; we must all work to secure our future's future. How can we do that? Live Now. What i mean is don't worry about what the future actually brings. Tell yourself how you want it to be and live like it's that way already. Generally, when we expect something, a victory or failure, negative or positive; we get what we expected, good or bad. If you live now instead of waiting for the future, you are guaranteeing that the future you get is the one you want. The Law of Attraction says so; if you think it will happen, it will happen.

     Living Now is to think about only the present. Like a child opening their eyes for the first time, you see things, everything. You begin to notice that bird's nest in a tree, you hear the rustling of the bush's leaves from the squirrels fighting, you feel the warmth of the sun on your skin, you begin to feel what other people are saying and hear them more clearly than before, you begin to appreciate the work that has gone in to literally everything around you man made or naturally. Everything is clear. You become more aware of your surrounding, you can fully concentrate on the obstacles happening now, which are the only ones that can ever affect anything anyways. Why wouldn't you want your full focus on them?

     Living Now also makes you happier and less stressed in general. You can't be worrying if you aren't constantly dwelling on the past and future. This is true because the definition of 'worry' itself states 'to think about future or past events.

    Without experiencing the actual feeling of living in the moment, it's hard to fully grasp the concept and benefits. The best way to get in to the Now is to concentrate on your breathing. This may sound cliche but it is 100% true. When you concentrate your mind solely on your breath going in and out while visualizing the oxygen and nourishment being carried to all the parts of your body, you subsequently can't think of anything else except the now.

    Once you fully grasp this idea and have practiced. The next time something irritates you or a problem arises, no matter where you are even if your in the middle of a speech to a million people, remember to take a deep breath and concentrate on this breath. After that breath your mind will be clear and senses alert. Watch how much better you handle that situation and how much more cool, calm, and collected you seem.

    Living Now makes life run smoothly, naturally, and positively. It allows one to see what they really want, free from distractions. Its also how one can achieve those wants. In fact, what happens now is what determines everything else so don't miss your chance to be happy and naturally create a better place for yourself, your family, and the rest of the world. 

"There are only two moments in which nothing can be done, one is called tomorrow and the other yesterday. So live your life today.