Harness the Power of the Collective Consciousness

I hate to be the bearer of bad news but it looks like everything the past few generations have been trying just simply isn't working out. 
I love being the bearer of good news the future isn't in the hands of the past generations now. 
It's Our Turn Now! Our Generation Has The Opportunity To Make A Real Positive Change. We are the Good Vibes Generation and are the most consciously aware generation (Consciousness is Expanding Exponentially) in our history. 


Through Uniting Together Around the World and Embracing The Young Generation’s Belief, “Spreading only Good Vibes, Acceptance and Positive Energy.”

We can create a Unified Focus of the Collective Conscience. Thus, creating not only Change, not just Positive Change, but also the Positive Change We Choose

By Spreading Awareness of the Understanding of Human Nature, Vibrations, and Energy

We are entering a new astronomical age, The Age of Aquarius (happens once every 22500 or so years.) It is synonymous with the Awakening of Consciousness that so many are beginning to experience. The lack of scientific focus on the subject kept it out of the light for many years but now with undeniable scientific research pertaining to many of the Spiritual beliefs of every recorded civilization since the dawning of mankind. We are being given a Golden Opportunity (entering the Golden Age.)

The Possibilities are endless.

I am going to tell you a little secret;

“I do not work for a Blog Site, I do not get paid for Blogging ( I don’t even have ads,) I am not writing to try and Convince you of anything, I am not trying to say this is the only way, I am not even trying to say that this is the absolute right way. The purpose initially was to expand my knowledge, awareness, research different views, ideas, and theories; then decide for myself which bits and pieces I agreed with or made a connection with in order to construct a view on life that resonated with me. In order for me to make my opinion on a big picture, I like to fully understand all the elements (very thoroughly) that comprise the bigger pictures.
The Conclusion I had reached (and am still reaching) I believe can incite a change in the world and make a difference; this is my personal belief having seen the drastic positive differences in my life it created and through my experimentation of these effects.
The only thing I wish to do here is give you the same knowledge I spent countless hours attaining and connect it all in a unique way with easy to understand concepts and language. I wish to do this in order to allow you, the reader, to make your own conscious decisions on whether or not you agree, disagree, or could agree. I wish to incite conversations and questions and interactions. While also for those who do agree with me, I wish to help spread and share this information or help me explain it more clearly. As with all information from intuitive means it is very hard to explain the feeling (“gut feeling” “chill down the spine”) I get about each subject and in knowing that maybe for someone, even just one person it can help them be strong, connect, inspire, motivate them with a struggle, curiosity, or life-decision then all the writing has been worth it."-Darrien Eouse

Darrien Eouse


Guide To Happiness: How To Be Yourself and Be Happy Quotes

 Be who you are. So many of us now-a-days try to be something we’re not. It causes stress and anxiety that otherwise would not be there. Constantly trying to restrict ourselves to fit in to these stereo-typical types in order to portray a specific image to the masses (this is a lot of work and full-time job.)

Between social media, school, our social circles, are family and whatever else; if we want them to see us as something were not we must constantly keep up this false image like a lie that just keeps growing and becomes harder and harder to manage. It continues to grow and grow until it gets out of hand and finally the truth comes out (the truth always comes out..).  This can make being happy nearly impossible.


Consciousness Research: The Connection of Man to the Universe

New Princeton Scientific Research On Existence of Human Energy and The Connection of Consciousness That Links All Humans - Is Now Shown to Link Us To The Universe. 

The Research undertaken by the Princeton Research Facility (P.E.AR.) has recently begun diving more and more in the mysteries of the human conscious and subconscious. This came initially as the study of Quantum Mechanics picked up steam and allowed for a more scientific measuring approach could be developed in an attempt to consistently record and prove said existence of something according to Science is not real and is not why we are made the way we are ( according to them that's DNA, look at an adopted child then certain birth mothers and fathers...) There is must be at least something going on but thats going beyond the again. 

The Global Consciousness Project at Princeton 
Believes, That when the mass consciousness of society is directed or focused towards a common thought/ feeling/ or Emotion (such as a Great Event "9/11/01," then the Combined Energy of The "Collective Conscious Can Manifest in Physical Forms, Acting in Atomic Energy Transfers. 
Through 1,000s, of RNGs and 100's of Countries, and countless years and decades of deciphering and analyzing data. Finally, they could consistently record that the subtle energies at which we are constantly emitting (our human aura, even cooler we can all change them to whatever "setting" you'd like... Later) Through over 20 years of research and global events such as Wars, The Death of Princess Dianna, and September 11, 200; They concluded a RNG or REG (Random # generator, random event generator,) would give completely unpredictable results when left alone; However, when in the place of Humans concentrating on either the light OR like an even with a Great Event where the World Comes Together as one, powerful feeling.) 

This Experience and Research has only been growing and growing in curiosity as well as new developments. Through the emergence of EDM, Dance Music, and Music Festivals; The New Generation Has a Much More Heightened Sense of Awareness and More Evolved Consciousness (understanding the vibes were sending or receiving.)

I call us The Good Vibe Generation or the Good Vibration Nation because if your not from the 60s or our age right now, you probably aren't to familiar with the terminology. Don't you think it's interesting the initial information on this Consciousness and Research began and had reached its initial heigh in during the New Age Movement of the 60's/70's and thats when they collected alot of their most important research. Now, at almost a period of similar beliefs and values (we are the children of that generation) science has once again began to question the unanswerable ones again.

"I believe some of the best ways to use the Life you were given and the Time you have left to; ask the questions we don't have the answers too (we assume there is no answer so we stop asking, if you assume there is an answer or isn't either way your right,) have dreams or goals so big that everyone considers them insane, and to continually TRY doing the things or studying the things society would consider a waste of time.

  • Without the Wright Brother's Dream of Flight, No Airplanes
  • Without The Idea of Flying a Kite in a Thunderstorm, No Electricity
  • Without The Idea of Capturing a Moment of Time on Paper, No Camera
  • Without The Idea of Connecting the World to Unlimited Information, No Internet
  • Without The Dream That We Could Survive Independently, No USA
  • Without the Idea Digging In To The Earth, Pulling Out Solid Chunks of Metal With The Intention of Changing the Chemical Nature of It For Construction
  • Without The Dream of Martin Luther King Jr. Who Knows That Would Have Happened.

The point is the people who we consider great people in our history have accomplished things that at the time in which they lived, such as when the invented the telephone; that concept back then would be like us talking about teleportation.

You Cant Create A Change for The Future by Living In The Past

Good Vibes. Understanding The Basic Nature of Positive Energy

The Science of Good Vibes

Spreading Consciousness through Awareness; Awareness through Knowledge.

    Looks like the New Age Movement Hippies of the 60’s and 70’s, might have been on to something. With similar thoughts and mindsets emerging with the new Electronic Dance Music Scene, Science can Finally Show Proof of Their Beliefs of Good Vibes.

“The energy of the mind is the essence of life.”