Personal Life Lesson & Story on Trusting Your Intuition

My Personal Life Story on Intuition: Trust Your Gut, It Knows Something You Don't
-Darrien Eouse

     Let me begin with a personal story of mine that proved to me that my Intuition was not to be ignored. When I was 16 years old I was a wild child a long with all of my friends. We had all just gotten cars and we also just began drinking about a year before. Not a good combination to begin with.
     One Saturday afternoon I was over at my friend's house just hanging out and trying to figure out what I was going to do that night. I was never home on the weekends and barely on the weekdays too. I was always at a party and never wanted to miss a night out with my friends ever. I felt as if a night at home was a waste of time.
     Around 8:00 p.m. I received a phone call from one of my best friend's Ricky. Rick asked if I wanted to meet up, chill, and drink with him that night and of course I immediately jumped in my car left my friend's house and was on my way over to Rick's to ride with him.
     The sun had barely gone down and it was still a little bit light out. To get from where I was to Rick's I had  to drive down a road called Apopka Vineland. My street is off of Apopka Vineland and as I was driving to Rick's and coming up to the turn for my house, for some reason I felt like I should go home. I do not know why I just did and just in time to make the turn. I did and went home before the sun was completely down on a Saturday night. I was never home this early, ever. My mom was shocked too at my presence. Another weird part about all of this was it never crossed my mind to go out again even once I was back at home, which at that age I did almost every time I went home.
     That morning I woke up to about 30 missed calls before 8:00 am. When I picked up my phone, I did not believe what I was hearing. Ricky had been in a car accident. Rick passed away that night. One of my best friends had passed away after leaving a party at a hotel, his car wrapped around a tree and he was killed instantly... This was one of the hardest things I have ever had to deal with in my life. I think about the friend I lost everyday. It's one thing to have such a horrible experience and it's quite another to have that experience and not learn anything from it. Ricky's passing was terrible and I wish it never happened, but it still has had a large impact on making me who I am today. These experiences are filled with lessons to learn from and the top three I learned in this case had to do with being grateful, family, and intuition.
     That night my Intuition saved my life. I was never home and never went home that early especially on the weekends, but my gut signaled me and my body reacted without wanting to know why. Making that turn to go home that night was not normal and looking back the amount I contribute to my intuition's role in the decision is more and more. My gut felt something that my conscious brain could not interpret and my thought that night of going home was it's signal. Although my Intuition was the one who sent the signal it can not get all the credit for the warning. A warning is nothing if we do not act, the combination of immediate obedience to the thought and my Intuition saved my life that night. From that moment on I have made sure to listen to my intuition and act on it.

     Our intuition stems from our mind recognizing certain patterns of senses, scents, touch, and the others that either occur alone or in conjunction with others. Our mind is able to recognize and pick-up on these factors that may not be considered consciously because of inaccessibility. 
     Our mind will remember everything it encounters through our entire life. Why then is our memory foggy? Because in order to survive in the fast paced society we live in today, our brains have adapted to blocking out things that it considers to be ordinary or constant. Although, our memories can be heightened by certain triggers such as one of the senses we contribute to a certain outcome. 
     An example of how intuition can correlate to real scenarios is as follows; Have you ever seen someone about to step in the street to cross the road, and you know the person did not see the car coming around the corner that you did. One way of warning a person, "Excuse me sir/ma'am I am sorry for interrupting your jog but you see I believe there is a car coming around the corner that you were not able to see." Very polite. Too bad the person was probably flattened.
    What we would say is, "CAR!!!" Then the person would immediately turn around and leap for the pavement. That would save his life, because the person did not hesitate or bother to check if the scream was for him or not. He just listened and got the hell out of the street (his intuition probably told him too). 
     Intuition works the same way, instead of knowing why you know the answer, you just do. This is because our brain does not have enough time to explain it slow enough for your conscious mind to understand. We too should react immediately too our gut-feelings because if they weren't meant to be acted on immediately, then our brain would have taken the time to explain it's reasoning. 
     When you feel that felling in your stomach or something just doesn't feel right, take a step back examine the situation and you will find that your gut is never wrong.
-Darrien Eouse

R.I.P. Ricky Iudice
You Are Missed.

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