Consciousness Research: The Connection of Man to the Universe

New Princeton Scientific Research On Existence of Human Energy and The Connection of Consciousness That Links All Humans - Is Now Shown to Link Us To The Universe. 

The Research undertaken by the Princeton Research Facility (P.E.AR.) has recently begun diving more and more in the mysteries of the human conscious and subconscious. This came initially as the study of Quantum Mechanics picked up steam and allowed for a more scientific measuring approach could be developed in an attempt to consistently record and prove said existence of something according to Science is not real and is not why we are made the way we are ( according to them that's DNA, look at an adopted child then certain birth mothers and fathers...) There is must be at least something going on but thats going beyond the again. 

The Global Consciousness Project at Princeton 
Believes, That when the mass consciousness of society is directed or focused towards a common thought/ feeling/ or Emotion (such as a Great Event "9/11/01," then the Combined Energy of The "Collective Conscious Can Manifest in Physical Forms, Acting in Atomic Energy Transfers. 
Through 1,000s, of RNGs and 100's of Countries, and countless years and decades of deciphering and analyzing data. Finally, they could consistently record that the subtle energies at which we are constantly emitting (our human aura, even cooler we can all change them to whatever "setting" you'd like... Later) Through over 20 years of research and global events such as Wars, The Death of Princess Dianna, and September 11, 200; They concluded a RNG or REG (Random # generator, random event generator,) would give completely unpredictable results when left alone; However, when in the place of Humans concentrating on either the light OR like an even with a Great Event where the World Comes Together as one, powerful feeling.) 

This Experience and Research has only been growing and growing in curiosity as well as new developments. Through the emergence of EDM, Dance Music, and Music Festivals; The New Generation Has a Much More Heightened Sense of Awareness and More Evolved Consciousness (understanding the vibes were sending or receiving.)

I call us The Good Vibe Generation or the Good Vibration Nation because if your not from the 60s or our age right now, you probably aren't to familiar with the terminology. Don't you think it's interesting the initial information on this Consciousness and Research began and had reached its initial heigh in during the New Age Movement of the 60's/70's and thats when they collected alot of their most important research. Now, at almost a period of similar beliefs and values (we are the children of that generation) science has once again began to question the unanswerable ones again.

"I believe some of the best ways to use the Life you were given and the Time you have left to; ask the questions we don't have the answers too (we assume there is no answer so we stop asking, if you assume there is an answer or isn't either way your right,) have dreams or goals so big that everyone considers them insane, and to continually TRY doing the things or studying the things society would consider a waste of time.

  • Without the Wright Brother's Dream of Flight, No Airplanes
  • Without The Idea of Flying a Kite in a Thunderstorm, No Electricity
  • Without The Idea of Capturing a Moment of Time on Paper, No Camera
  • Without The Idea of Connecting the World to Unlimited Information, No Internet
  • Without The Dream That We Could Survive Independently, No USA
  • Without the Idea Digging In To The Earth, Pulling Out Solid Chunks of Metal With The Intention of Changing the Chemical Nature of It For Construction
  • Without The Dream of Martin Luther King Jr. Who Knows That Would Have Happened.

The point is the people who we consider great people in our history have accomplished things that at the time in which they lived, such as when the invented the telephone; that concept back then would be like us talking about teleportation.

You Cant Create A Change for The Future by Living In The Past

“The Human Perception of this Energy first begins with a heightened sensitivity to beauty.”
-James Redfield, The Celestine Prophecy

The Age of Aquarius is synonymous with the Age of Awakening, Age of Consciousness, or Shift in Consciousness. It is a period where we enter a new level of divine consciousness and attain a new understanding of the energy animating all life. It also embraces the ideal conditions to contemplate and expand our consciousness through an understanding of the connections we have with each other and the Universe.

In special settings and situations such as:

  •       attending popular Music Festivals (which actually date back to pre-Olympic time.)
  •        watching a beautiful sunset
  •        looking at the moon, and knowing someone you love is looking at the same moon (receiving a comforting feeling)
  •        in a city, community, country where social norms may differ from the USA
  •        the Burning Man Ceremony Festival
  •        such as the way the country came together after the September 11, 2001 Attacks on the World Trade Center.
  •        The tragic death of Princess Dianna united the World

This is a REAL photo of the Northern Lights Aurora Borealis 
It is one the Wonders of the World where people's lives have changed, due to the extremely powerful energy and positive vibrations it emitted. 

People have a certain sense (currently not known by modern science until recent years but answered by history thousands of years ago) of belonging and fully interconnected consciousness.

This connectedness and our reactions with the physical world depend on the energy that the body and mind are constantly emitting, called the Human Aura. I will touch on that subject in a later blog post. (Subscribe for the Updates!)

“Youth, is a question of Energy.”
-Vanessa Paradis

 Basically, for those still trying to grasp the energetic feeling I’m referring to; we feel interconnected with each other and the world in a profound way that everyone experiences and intuitively knows connects our thoughts.

However, with the fact being most scientists steer clear from Para-psychology experiments for many reasons:

-Either in fear of their job, the lacking ability modern scientific approaches have,
-Maybe its because extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence in the scientific world.

-they’re egotistical nature would not let them admit fault because that would mean admitting they were wrong.

 Whatever the case, discovery of Scientific Proof of these events would in many cases shatter various fundamental laws that have been widely accepted and blindly abided by the majority of members in the Scientific Community.

Thankfully the population of today’s world is now turning their attention to these almost spiritual phenomena that have been the center of study and almost Universal link between all cultures through time.
Through endless amounts of reading on various subjects and exploration of our history and our potential, I came to the realization:
      There is at least one link that is not physical and has been recorded in every human civilization since the dawn of time. From the Mayans to the Romans, Egyptians to Aztec, even Tibetan to Hebrew (I think you get the picture) they have all posed the same questions even without contact, every recorded civilization asked,

-       “Who Am I?”
-       “Why Are We Here?”
-       “Who Created Us?”
-       “What Is The Connection I Have To Everyone and the Universe?”

“Energy is the Universal Language of Nature; Nature is the Universal source of Information.”
-Joey Lawsin

I can feel it (for whatever that means to you.) I know without a doubt that there is more to this consistency among humans. Just as they have proved the inheritance of traits meant for survival, “Survival-of-the-Fittest” type mechanisms.
Trusting my Intuition has provided me with success, strength, and has saved my life multiple times. It is up to you whether you agree with this or not;
“I believe that this common link tells us something that’s important much more meaningful than, “humans are curious.”  I believe its because,

“There is Something Very Important To Discover.”

     Recent years, we have expanded and expanded our external world and realities with great success, in business terms. Skyscrapers were built and buildings are going up everywhere. The average person probably has a job helping towards these end results.

It’s time to concentrate on each other and ourselves now. We are all undeniably connected, with an expansion of consciousness through the path of self-discovery, they in turn become more in tune with the energy and control of energy within themselves and other people.

 Today, more and more prominent researchers, doctors, and scientists are beginning to turn their attention to the “problem” I say “problem” because really these theories have been around for thousands of years, in historical times where we are unaware of the capabilities of humans. They say learn from the past, learn from our history. Lets be honest, that doesn't really appear to be the case considering the disregard of all historical information as myth, stories, exaggerations, misinterpretations, or misunderstandings regarding the meaning of existence (in regards to modern day scientific views such as religion.)

     It seems almost ridiculous to me that the majority of our history and explanations of the common questions among all human beings, get immediately disregarded as myths and ignored.  All because it doesn’t abide by the rules of the “modern” science, how can they expect a system that can not answer these questions after hundreds of years to automatically rule out the answers attained by or ancestral history, who in many cases defied the laws of modern day science, with undeniable evidence. The Ancient Egyptian Pyramids all of which are impossible feats of construction for the mere size of the stones used. This does not include the fact that the Pyramids all align with certain constellations depicted in the stars; these also align identically to the Mayan Prediction of December 21, 2012 (when this photo was taken.) I think that there may be more to this coincidence of seemingly "unknowable information."

No matter where in the world the human race was, whether totally isolated on a continent alone or the first ones in existence who had no contact with each other. They all shared a characteristic and that’s spiritual beliefs where they felt connected to nature, each other, and the Universe.

“Energy doesn’t communicate in English, Chinese, or French, but it does speak clearly.”
-Elaine Sealer

For so many years the concentration of the masses has been so pessimistic. During a economic depression there really does not seem to be any hope for the future, especially at the beginning and middle of it. In Economics, they recognize one of the strongest influences is people’s Expectations. This ties in to the idea of their being a collective conscience.

It’s time for society as a whole to change their views and perceptions. Allow the knowledge of the existence of the collective conscious and the emerging

Age of Aquarius (Awakening of Consciousness) to prepare you for the future. This emerging astronomical age also coincides with the unique planetary alignment of 2012 that happens only once every 2,700 years, The Precession of the Equinox.

Knowledge of the Vibes you are sending and receiving, as well as the very real physical manifestations in can take. I hope its enough to make you give it a shot at least once. Once you grasp all the different ideas that I will cover. They will uniquely combine in a way that will resonate with you personally, and a voila moment will occur.

“There is an imperative to be in a process, the energy and consciousness of life means for to be constantly observing, learning, and becoming.”
-Jay Woodman

Everywhere you look there is evidence of a collective conscious and every man has wondered, how he is connected with each other. We can feel the connection, but according to most Science it doesn’t appear to “be there.

However in recent years, scientific break-through has opened the door for evidence of Interconnected Consciousness interacting and manifesting in physical forms. The Global Consciousness Project at Princeton University has provided incredibly powerful information and insight on this subject. Expanding and verifying the existence of the Noosphere. With this ground-breaking research the possibilities are absolutely endless.

To Be Continued…
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