Good Vibes. Understanding The Basic Nature of Positive Energy

The Science of Good Vibes

Spreading Consciousness through Awareness; Awareness through Knowledge.

    Looks like the New Age Movement Hippies of the 60’s and 70’s, might have been on to something. With similar thoughts and mindsets emerging with the new Electronic Dance Music Scene, Science can Finally Show Proof of Their Beliefs of Good Vibes.

“The energy of the mind is the essence of life.”

Everything in our world is made up of energy, that means you, your brother, sister, mom, every single person without exception is made of energy along with all other physical objects. On the atomic level, all objects in reality are subatomic particles interspersed with energy, which have specific energy fields vibrating at unique frequencies.

In terms of the Universe about 98% is Energy and the other 2% Matter.

It is not argued in the Scientific Community that all objects in our Empirical World are then comprised of specific energy frequencies, that when energy with the appropriate frequencies meet the object it can manifest in physical forms.

-A perfect example of this is the x-ray; which uses light energy to penetrate the body and collect images underneath the skin.

One of the most underrated but influential scientists of history, Nikola Tesla, his inventions were responsible for nearly all modern technology. This man was way ahead of his time but humble to say the least always keeping in mind the greater good, for the conscious whole. Tesla actually invented a death-ray, which the construction of remains unmatched to this day; he destroyed it, just the thought of the potential danger in the wrong hands. This man embraced life, embraced the morals and life practices we would consider today as “good vibes” or “positive vibes.” Coming from one of the wisest men of our modern technological advancement history,

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.”
 Nikola Tesla

There is certain energy within us that most can attest to feeling at some point or another.  It is the energy of which our mind is comprised of, both conscious and subconscious. It is also through this energy field that we are connected with everyone and everything that exists.
This is the overwhelming feeling of togetherness associated with musical festivals of all kinds. It is the undeniable sense that tells you there is a connection between you, nature, family, friends, and everything else in the universe.  It is the bond between twins that can know each others thoughts. It’s the ability to know some things wrong. It is our Intuition, our Subconscious mind trying to tell the conscious mind to wake up and notice the negative energy coming this way. 

Anyone who has never been to a music festival and experienced the overwhelming energy and connectedness has experienced it somewhere.

  • At church, the consciousness of all the people in the room directed toward a similar thought creates an overwhelming “feeling” in the room.

  • This happens in a much more dark, depressed way (lower vibrations) too at Funerals, they feel heavy and sad.

  • However, thankfully the contrast is true too on your Birthday or someone on their Birthday, they have a specific glow a more positive higher frequency vibration and you pick up on it.

Perhaps, you have experienced the feeling of walking in to a room and felt that they were talking about you, or something terrible had just happened (like if right after a death in the family.) There is a certain heaviness, to the room. ( Negative Vibes have Low Frequencies, causing time to drag on, a heaviness in the air, and a general depressed feeling. 

Maybe, it was a high energy motivational speaker or teacher that you had experienced in your life who naturally gave you a sense of enthusiasm for a subject, a “good vibe,” a comfortable safe feeling, almost as if you felt as if “you had known them forever” right after meeting them. (Positive Vibes have High Frequencies, causing energetic, upbeat, and comforting feelings to linger.)

Considering the advancements of modern science in the field of Quantum Physics, its been proven beyond reasonable doubt that were all vibrating and filled with energy.

 It looks like the Good Vibe Generation might be intuitively correct. Promoting the famous PLUR slogan representing,

Peace. Love. Unity. Respect.

It is the represents a sense of acceptance of all people no matter what. Allowing you to fully express yourself and not be judged. This allows you to construct the proper balance within to allow positive vibes and happiness to manifest in reality. This is good vibe mentality is in line with an unbelievable amount of material on seemingly unrelated fields.

“We are both the creation and the creators of the conscious energy field. We are participants in a consciousness created Universe.”
-Deepak Chopra

This Good Vibe Generation, as I refer to it, is not a random act but something scientifically studied and proven by intellectuals in many cultures in many time periods. It is considered to be at the Precession of the Equinox the Mayan Calendar Prediction of 2012 accurately predicted this to the day. Scientists still agree they would have had no means of technology or long enough span of civilization to observe this. It’s astonishing.

However science agrees we are entering in the Age of Aquarius and the Shift in Consciousness or Awakeningwhere we become divinely connected with the energy that animates and connects all life on earth with the Universe.

Attaining Divine Global Consciousness; where Human Beings Transcend from the current perception of Consciousness to a much higher form and undeniable intuitive knowledge of the energy of nature that connects all living things to each other and the Universe.

For More on this new Astrological Age and on Global Consciousness, be sure to catch my next post!
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Darrien Eouse
October 20, 2013

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