Paul McCartney Bonnaroo LIVE Video Performance 2013 CHANGED MY LIFE, I Am So Lucky and Grateful.- Entrance and Opening Song A Tribute to the Beatles, "8 Days a Week"

"8 Days A Week," The Beatles
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Anyone Who Has Seen This Man ( or The Beatles ) Perform Live, Know's Exactly The Feeling You Get. It's Absolutely Unique In It's Own; Positive, Happy, Bubbly, Sensitive, Loving, Caring, and Dreaming Type Of Effect. Let's Call It...   The McCartney Effect                The Crowd Roars, The Girls Shriek, They Stare At Him Longingly for Hours as he Plays, He Has a Hypnotic Kind of Control Over You While He's Up There a Certain Swagger to the Guys, and Sexiness to the Ladies. Masses Hang On Every Word, 250,000 People Can Be Seen and Heard Saying "Shhhhhh," Every Time Paul Opens His Mouth. It's Incredible the Charisma and Non-Chalantly Commanding Control.                                                                          I Am Not Gonna Lie I Cried. This Was Hands Down The Greatest Experience of My Life Seeing Someone So Gifted and Graceful.

        This Video Gives Me Incredible Feeling of Reliving Paul McCartney's Bonnaroo Performance, Paying Tribute to the Beatles With His Opening Song,
   "8 Days a Week"

    The 250, 000 People Go Wild For Him and Hang On His Every Word. It Was Unbelievable. Listen at the End I Say,
"My Life Just Changed"
and it did.

I Am So Lucky to Have Seen That and Shared It With My Best Friends.   Paul McCartney Is Truly a Man I Emulate, He Is So True to Himself, Has Seen and Been Through So Much. I Believe His Genuineness Allows Us All to Relate Personally With Him. AS WELL AS HE HAS DONE WHAT MY DREAM IS, he has been Knighted.Not to Mention He Started This Genre, He Reminisced and Told A Story Of Him and Jimmy Hendrix. And at His Age He Still Takes the Cake Performing 5 hours Starting at 10pm ans Giving 3, yes 3 Encores.      I am so Lucky and so grateful for it.

It was honestly like i paid $250 for Paul ( we are on a first name basis now) and got the rest of Bonnaroo free! 


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The Beatles Lyrics -"Eight Days A Week"

Ooh i need your love babe,
Guess you know it's true.
Hope you need my love babe,
Just like i need you.
Hold me, love me, hold me, love me.
Ain't got nothin'but love babe,
Eight days a week.

Love you ev'ry day girl,
Always on my mind.
One thing i can say girl,
Love you all the time.
Hold me, love me, hold me, love me.
Ain't got nothin'but love babe,
Eight days a week.

Eight days a week
I love you.
Eight days a week
Is not enough to show i care.

Ooh i need your love babe, ...

Eight days a week ...
Love you ev'ry ...
Eight days a week. eight days a week. eight days a week.

Eight Days A Week lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group, Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC