Harness the Power of the Collective Consciousness

I hate to be the bearer of bad news but it looks like everything the past few generations have been trying just simply isn't working out. 
I love being the bearer of good news the future isn't in the hands of the past generations now. 
It's Our Turn Now! Our Generation Has The Opportunity To Make A Real Positive Change. We are the Good Vibes Generation and are the most consciously aware generation (Consciousness is Expanding Exponentially) in our history. 


Through Uniting Together Around the World and Embracing The Young Generation’s Belief, “Spreading only Good Vibes, Acceptance and Positive Energy.”

We can create a Unified Focus of the Collective Conscience. Thus, creating not only Change, not just Positive Change, but also the Positive Change We Choose

By Spreading Awareness of the Understanding of Human Nature, Vibrations, and Energy

We are entering a new astronomical age, The Age of Aquarius (happens once every 22500 or so years.) It is synonymous with the Awakening of Consciousness that so many are beginning to experience. The lack of scientific focus on the subject kept it out of the light for many years but now with undeniable scientific research pertaining to many of the Spiritual beliefs of every recorded civilization since the dawning of mankind. We are being given a Golden Opportunity (entering the Golden Age.)

The Possibilities are endless.

I am going to tell you a little secret;

“I do not work for a Blog Site, I do not get paid for Blogging ( I don’t even have ads,) I am not writing to try and Convince you of anything, I am not trying to say this is the only way, I am not even trying to say that this is the absolute right way. The purpose initially was to expand my knowledge, awareness, research different views, ideas, and theories; then decide for myself which bits and pieces I agreed with or made a connection with in order to construct a view on life that resonated with me. In order for me to make my opinion on a big picture, I like to fully understand all the elements (very thoroughly) that comprise the bigger pictures.
The Conclusion I had reached (and am still reaching) I believe can incite a change in the world and make a difference; this is my personal belief having seen the drastic positive differences in my life it created and through my experimentation of these effects.
The only thing I wish to do here is give you the same knowledge I spent countless hours attaining and connect it all in a unique way with easy to understand concepts and language. I wish to do this in order to allow you, the reader, to make your own conscious decisions on whether or not you agree, disagree, or could agree. I wish to incite conversations and questions and interactions. While also for those who do agree with me, I wish to help spread and share this information or help me explain it more clearly. As with all information from intuitive means it is very hard to explain the feeling (“gut feeling” “chill down the spine”) I get about each subject and in knowing that maybe for someone, even just one person it can help them be strong, connect, inspire, motivate them with a struggle, curiosity, or life-decision then all the writing has been worth it."-Darrien Eouse

Darrien Eouse


Guide To Happiness: How To Be Yourself and Be Happy Quotes

 Be who you are. So many of us now-a-days try to be something we’re not. It causes stress and anxiety that otherwise would not be there. Constantly trying to restrict ourselves to fit in to these stereo-typical types in order to portray a specific image to the masses (this is a lot of work and full-time job.)

Between social media, school, our social circles, are family and whatever else; if we want them to see us as something were not we must constantly keep up this false image like a lie that just keeps growing and becomes harder and harder to manage. It continues to grow and grow until it gets out of hand and finally the truth comes out (the truth always comes out..).  This can make being happy nearly impossible.


Consciousness Research: The Connection of Man to the Universe

New Princeton Scientific Research On Existence of Human Energy and The Connection of Consciousness That Links All Humans - Is Now Shown to Link Us To The Universe. 

The Research undertaken by the Princeton Research Facility (P.E.AR.) has recently begun diving more and more in the mysteries of the human conscious and subconscious. This came initially as the study of Quantum Mechanics picked up steam and allowed for a more scientific measuring approach could be developed in an attempt to consistently record and prove said existence of something according to Science is not real and is not why we are made the way we are ( according to them that's DNA, look at an adopted child then certain birth mothers and fathers...) There is must be at least something going on but thats going beyond the again. 

The Global Consciousness Project at Princeton 
Believes, That when the mass consciousness of society is directed or focused towards a common thought/ feeling/ or Emotion (such as a Great Event "9/11/01," then the Combined Energy of The "Collective Conscious Can Manifest in Physical Forms, Acting in Atomic Energy Transfers. 
Through 1,000s, of RNGs and 100's of Countries, and countless years and decades of deciphering and analyzing data. Finally, they could consistently record that the subtle energies at which we are constantly emitting (our human aura, even cooler we can all change them to whatever "setting" you'd like... Later) Through over 20 years of research and global events such as Wars, The Death of Princess Dianna, and September 11, 200; They concluded a RNG or REG (Random # generator, random event generator,) would give completely unpredictable results when left alone; However, when in the place of Humans concentrating on either the light OR like an even with a Great Event where the World Comes Together as one, powerful feeling.) 

This Experience and Research has only been growing and growing in curiosity as well as new developments. Through the emergence of EDM, Dance Music, and Music Festivals; The New Generation Has a Much More Heightened Sense of Awareness and More Evolved Consciousness (understanding the vibes were sending or receiving.)

I call us The Good Vibe Generation or the Good Vibration Nation because if your not from the 60s or our age right now, you probably aren't to familiar with the terminology. Don't you think it's interesting the initial information on this Consciousness and Research began and had reached its initial heigh in during the New Age Movement of the 60's/70's and thats when they collected alot of their most important research. Now, at almost a period of similar beliefs and values (we are the children of that generation) science has once again began to question the unanswerable ones again.

"I believe some of the best ways to use the Life you were given and the Time you have left to; ask the questions we don't have the answers too (we assume there is no answer so we stop asking, if you assume there is an answer or isn't either way your right,) have dreams or goals so big that everyone considers them insane, and to continually TRY doing the things or studying the things society would consider a waste of time.

  • Without the Wright Brother's Dream of Flight, No Airplanes
  • Without The Idea of Flying a Kite in a Thunderstorm, No Electricity
  • Without The Idea of Capturing a Moment of Time on Paper, No Camera
  • Without The Idea of Connecting the World to Unlimited Information, No Internet
  • Without The Dream That We Could Survive Independently, No USA
  • Without the Idea Digging In To The Earth, Pulling Out Solid Chunks of Metal With The Intention of Changing the Chemical Nature of It For Construction
  • Without The Dream of Martin Luther King Jr. Who Knows That Would Have Happened.

The point is the people who we consider great people in our history have accomplished things that at the time in which they lived, such as when the invented the telephone; that concept back then would be like us talking about teleportation.

You Cant Create A Change for The Future by Living In The Past

Good Vibes. Understanding The Basic Nature of Positive Energy

The Science of Good Vibes

Spreading Consciousness through Awareness; Awareness through Knowledge.

    Looks like the New Age Movement Hippies of the 60’s and 70’s, might have been on to something. With similar thoughts and mindsets emerging with the new Electronic Dance Music Scene, Science can Finally Show Proof of Their Beliefs of Good Vibes.

“The energy of the mind is the essence of life.”


Positive Quotes to Put You In a Happy Mood

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Florida's Indian River Lagoon is dying.
It has been confirmed for years to be polluted to the point of crisis. Dolphins are developing cancers, toxic blue-green algae is choking out the natural grasses which feed the manatee and fish - even the birds who eat fish from the river get sick and die from the toxins the fish absorbed as a consequence of living in the once-beautiful lagoon. Frighteningly, certain groups of locals depend on the river for a source of food as well.


50 Positive Thinking Life Quotes: Build Confidence, Make You Feel Motivated, and Enthusiastic to Start the Day; Have a Guaranteed Great Day

       Great collection of famous influential people and their thoughts on life, personal success, and confidence. Guaranteed to leave you feeling pumped and excited ready to start enacting the changes immediately. Instills drive and self-confidence as well as a motivation to begin and succeed. Awesome to read before a long day at work, during work, before a big game, speech, or presentation. Read it before you go to bed or when you wake up in the morning and take on the day with surprising enthusiasm and willingness. Please comment on the post, if you agree with a certain quote or disagree I would love to hear back. Please Add to The List as You See Fit! I will update it accordingly! 

 “Life has many ways of testing a person’s will, either by having nothing happen at all or by having everything happen all at once.” – Paulo Coelho
“There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle, or the mirror that reflects it.”  - Edith Wharton
“With everything that has happened to you, you can either feel sorry for yourself or treat what has happened as a gift. Everything is either an opportunity to grow or an obstacle to keep you from growing. You get to choose.” – Dr. Wayne W Dyer


The Moment I Started Adulthood

When Do Children Become Adults? Personally, I Believe This Is The Dividing Line, Not Age.

     There are many, many things that I have heard repeated throughout my life mostly from my parents or others who cared for my well-being that I had just shrugged off or pretended to listen to just so I could go back to doing the same old stuff.

     Over these last few years, looking back it truthfully can't believe how stupid I was. It seemed like a light switch to me, where one second I didn't even think about the weight or wisdom of the things I was lucky to be told and then the next second I want to slap the old me in the face for not seeing, understanding, or implementing these too-good-to-be-true pieces of advice, that actually were undeniably facts.


Be Present All During Your Day Because A Small Meaningless Event Can Improve and Change Your Life Forever, If Your Receptive To It.

                               Any Experience Big or Small Can Change Your Life Forever. 
We Must Always Live Now and Be In The Moment to Identify the Power of Seemingly Small Events

     This is the Event That I Have Concluded to Be My First Thought About the Dream of Inspiring and Helping Others Through Actions, Words, and Non-Verbal Cues.  Although, It Is Such a Minor Event, I Had No Problem Recollecting the Memory, Feeling the Way I Felt That Day, and The Thoughts I Had During the Experience. As Years Have Gone By, I Have Practice More and More About Being In the Moment, Living Now, and Being Open To These Types of Events. They Get You Thinking. Our Life is Made Up of Experiences, Everyone Of Which Even If Not a Big Deal To You,  May Be To Another. My Experience Below for Example, Going to Moe's Restaurant, Seemingly Boring Since I Live Close By, But To a Child in a 3rd World Country, It Very Well May Be The Highlight of Their Childhood. What I Mean By This Is We Should Not Take For Granted The Experiences We Have No Matter How Routine or Dull We May Consider It.  Those Who Live Near the Eiffel Tower May Consider It Normal, However When We Go Visit The Eiffel Tower, It's a Memory That Stays With US FOREVER. Dont Be a Victim of Considering Your Surroundings as Constant, Everything is Changing, Anything Could Happen, and There's Beauty in The Miracles That Surround Us All.

I Am Who I Am Because I Ate At Moe's Mexican Restaurant. Huh? Yes, You Read That Right.

 "NOT all life changing experiences are giant. Some can happen in a split second. I can remember the exact moment I wanted to start living more positive and incorporating it in my daily life. One day, I was having a bad day and was currently fighting with an addiction as well. I had not seen a smiling face, act of kindness, or simple chivalrous gesture done I think ever. I was at my near bottom with no fate or optimism for the future or belief I would ever be happy.
       I remember I walked in to Moe's for the first time... What happens when you walk in to Moe's?
                         Every worker Yells, "WELCOME TO MOES!" 

      I have seen this done at other restaurants but this was DIFFERENT. Every employee in the building from the assembly line, to the bus boy,to the cashier, to the manager (I actually had to compliment the staff, never did that before..)

    They were all sincere, they were really smiling, they had enthusiasm when they spoke to you it was clear, confident, they made eye contact,  they joked with eachother and laughed around the whole process, INCLUDING ME in the conversation that forced me to start laughing.. (they did this while executing their jobs extremely well.

   They had passion, they loved their jobs, they loved who they were around, they were able to be themselves while making money.  They spoke loud enough to hear and exemplified with their eyes and their smile, made eye contact and their eyes were wide open while listening. They were funhearted lovable charismatic, genuinely happy, and were being themselves.

     This one tiny experience changed my life. It was that moment where I saw first hand the power a warm hearted, genuine person with a smile on their face could affect my own personal emotions and flipped that depressed  state of being I was in before I went in. When I Left I was smiling, positive,  enthusiastic, and optimistic for the future.

   That trip to Moe's sparked my mission to constantly improve myself , be chivalrous to all women of all ages (even when others refuse and are just ass holes), I decided I was going to only think positive thoughts, help other's,  be respectful to men and women o all ages equally, and also to use stand by my moral and ethics WHILE ALWAYS striving to be a polite gentleman, and use my manners no matter the circumstance.

  Im still working on these things. I've made mistakes but I make a constant effort to act consciously according to my morals, who I want to be and who I am. If I make a mistake or am wrong I will always own up and take my consequences, apologize for my misdoings and ALWAYS learn from that valuable experience. I will never be perfect and I will always mess up or falter at least a little and TRUST ME I have.

   Through this year I took off for reflecting and growing. Ive been able to implement my positive lifestyle to work and all other areas of my life. I am confident in the man I am and the man I will be."

      We have all had different experiences that lead us to see things with a different perception or come to a different conclusion.  I can guarantee that if you are reading this, you have experienced an event either traumatic, like a devastating injury, or something constructive like working and saving for years to buy your first new car. I do agree that these can be very life-altering events either for good or bad. I understand asking a stranger to share a personal story tragedy or life-changing experience on a public blog would be a little much pressure for most. However anything you have to say even if it is just a comment and would be much appreciated.  Im happy to lend a listening ear. And offer advice if I can.I want to hear anything you have to say, long or short,  good or bad. Big or small. SOME LITTLE THINGS CAN MAKE A HUGE DIFFERENCE.

      After Awhile Living Somewhere We Begin To Concentrate on Less and Less Because Our Brains Consider Them As Constants. However, Since ALL Humans Being are Created Equal, the Deciding Factor On What It Is We Remember or Learn From These Small Reoccurring Events Depends On How Open We Are To Them. If You Are Driving Down The Street You Live On for 10 Years, Your Probably Thinking About Something Else Other Than The Beauty of the Trees or Houses. We Need to Shake That OFF and Think Consciously. Live Now, Live in The Moment, and Appreciate the Beauty of Everything That Surrounds Us. 

Easiest Way to Think Optimistically

    Smiles are Contagious. Smiles Create Happiness and Promote Well-Beinf. 
   The Law of Attraction Says Your Thoughts Will Become Your Reality.  Happiness Attracts Happiness and Smiles Promote Positive Thoughts.
     Have You Ever Seen a newborn Baby Smile at You?
    Genuinely Smile through the Day, Think Positive Thoughts, and Being Polite & Chivalrous to All, (especially) Women and Children.
  A Childs Smile and Laughter Is Divinely Powerful.
     We are all Human, we all struggle to find happiness, and its hard to smile when you feel like Atlas with the weight of the world is on your shoulders and Murphys Law is in full affect.
   We constantly find ourselves asking at times (especially in difficult/stressful situations)
   " what do I have to smile about, what could possibly be worth being happy about with all these struggles and problems im dealing with?"
We may also even think (very often),
"Why should I Smile when no one else is, and how can it affect my mood or well-being positively?"

    You need to have faith and be confident that things will be better if you do. Our brain associates certain actions and events with specific emotions or states.  Conciously making the effort to put a smile on NO MATTER what, will lead to you doing it habitually. Thats when you will start to see the change. The Law of Attraction is proof of how our thoughts can impact our daily life and outcomes.
    You must live the change you want to see and act the way you want to feel LIke ITS ALREADY TRUE. Eventually it will be. If your depressed or pessimistic about the present or future. Think of all the blessings and talents you have. Be grateful for family and friends as well as think of a moment you knew for sure you were sincerely happy and smiling. THEN put yourself back in to that moment, think and relive the experience and the emotion.
    Let children guide you and be your teachers. If your not happy, BUT WANT TO BE. You need act enthusiastic to be enthusiastic.
Even if you fake a smile, it can still have positive affects and over time becomes the truth.


Paul McCartney Bonnaroo LIVE Video Performance 2013 CHANGED MY LIFE, I Am So Lucky and Grateful.- Entrance and Opening Song A Tribute to the Beatles, "8 Days a Week"

"8 Days A Week," The Beatles
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Anyone Who Has Seen This Man ( or The Beatles ) Perform Live, Know's Exactly The Feeling You Get. It's Absolutely Unique In It's Own; Positive, Happy, Bubbly, Sensitive, Loving, Caring, and Dreaming Type Of Effect. Let's Call It...   The McCartney Effect                The Crowd Roars, The Girls Shriek, They Stare At Him Longingly for Hours as he Plays, He Has a Hypnotic Kind of Control Over You While He's Up There a Certain Swagger to the Guys, and Sexiness to the Ladies. Masses Hang On Every Word, 250,000 People Can Be Seen and Heard Saying "Shhhhhh," Every Time Paul Opens His Mouth. It's Incredible the Charisma and Non-Chalantly Commanding Control.                                                                          I Am Not Gonna Lie I Cried. This Was Hands Down The Greatest Experience of My Life Seeing Someone So Gifted and Graceful.

        This Video Gives Me Incredible Feeling of Reliving Paul McCartney's Bonnaroo Performance, Paying Tribute to the Beatles With His Opening Song,
   "8 Days a Week"

    The 250, 000 People Go Wild For Him and Hang On His Every Word. It Was Unbelievable. Listen at the End I Say,
"My Life Just Changed"
and it did.

I Am So Lucky to Have Seen That and Shared It With My Best Friends.   Paul McCartney Is Truly a Man I Emulate, He Is So True to Himself, Has Seen and Been Through So Much. I Believe His Genuineness Allows Us All to Relate Personally With Him. AS WELL AS HE HAS DONE WHAT MY DREAM IS, he has been Knighted.Not to Mention He Started This Genre, He Reminisced and Told A Story Of Him and Jimmy Hendrix. And at His Age He Still Takes the Cake Performing 5 hours Starting at 10pm ans Giving 3, yes 3 Encores.      I am so Lucky and so grateful for it.

It was honestly like i paid $250 for Paul ( we are on a first name basis now) and got the rest of Bonnaroo free! 


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The Beatles Lyrics -"Eight Days A Week"

Ooh i need your love babe,
Guess you know it's true.
Hope you need my love babe,
Just like i need you.
Hold me, love me, hold me, love me.
Ain't got nothin'but love babe,
Eight days a week.

Love you ev'ry day girl,
Always on my mind.
One thing i can say girl,
Love you all the time.
Hold me, love me, hold me, love me.
Ain't got nothin'but love babe,
Eight days a week.

Eight days a week
I love you.
Eight days a week
Is not enough to show i care.

Ooh i need your love babe, ...

Eight days a week ...
Love you ev'ry ...
Eight days a week. eight days a week. eight days a week.

Eight Days A Week lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group, Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC


How To Make a Difference and Change the World, Living In the Moment, Following Your Passion. We Create The World We Live In, But We Must Be Confident, Inspired, and Spread the Message.

How To Make A Difference and Change the World By Improving Yourself 
Live Now Challenge

      It's our turn. Now. Right now. Get up, get out there, change the world, and make a difference. Our generation is going to determine the future of not only the country we live but also the world everyone lives. Personally, I do not  believe this is something to take lightly by any means. Not only are we going to live in the future we create, so are our children, and our children's children.         That is a truth we should all keep close at heart and mind. Its a collaborative effort and we all need to do our part and if thats not enough motivation to make a change for the better Now, then consider the fact the we also live in a generation unlike any seen before. Everything we do now, everything we say, and everything we write will be not only at our children's disposal but all future generations to come as well. They will be able to watch your every move just like a movie. Our lives are going to be an open book for them to learn from and judge life-decisions by.
     Now, is also the best time too for us all to realize and understand that as humans we are not remembered for what we take from this world but rather what we give back to it. Our personal stories, success' and failure's, our legacy if you will can either be the cause of positive or negative inspiration's and aspiration's of our lineage. That fortunately can be greatly affected by the actions and decisions you make now. A lot of people still wonder, "how can I make a difference and change the world?" This I believe is an easy answer, especially in 2012. No matter the subject or niche there will always be people follow you and your message. My recipe is as follows;
"To make a difference: Start with yourself. Grow. Expand to world."
     Human kind as a whole responds to passion. Anything can become popular or a fad as our history has proved. The deciding factor then must be the presentation. Have you ever seen a speaker who was so passionate about what they were talking about that you actually got excited about a topic usually uninteresting to you? What was it about the topic that suddenly had made you so enthralled by it. The topic is the same, still contains all the same information from when you despised it. Then what was different this time? The presentation of it changed. It's wasn't being presented in the boring, uninteresting way it had been before. The speaker was passionate about the topic which had spread to you and excited your enthusiasm for the subject that you didn't know existed before.
     People naturally respond to passion, and passion comes from doing what we love or doing something for what we love. In fact, passion is so persuasive it can even blur such clearly defined moral lines. As terrible as it is look at the Holocaust and Hitler. Hitler was an extremely passionate man and although his intentions were evil and misguided, he still managed to control one of the largest countries in the world and make an inhumane act of violence seem like the right thing to do to many.   I am in no way saying that this is right in any way, shape, or form instead I am merely using this as an example to the power that passion can have.
     If you have ever sat close to a fire, you felt the heat on your skin although you couldn't see the heat you knew it was from the fire. When the fire grows you feel the heat much more intensely. When the fire weakens you must get closer to feel the heat. I believe that humans have the same capability. Imagine a fire burning bright inside each individual. When we are doing what we love that fire is burning much stronger and more people are able to feel it as well as feed off of it. Passion is the fuel to each person's fire and is different for every person It is our own responsibility, just as we have found what makes a real fire burn stronger, to find out what makes our fire burn brighter. Then, let it burn baby, burn.
     Ask yourself sincerely what you love to do. Then do it. Learn from mistakes and hiccups, gain experience, form well-thought opinions, and grow personally fueled by natural passion. Finally, put yourself out there. Be self-confident enough to take the "social risk" and put yourself out there. As I have said before people respond to passion, but people cant respond if they are never shown. Keep that in mind.
     One of my all time favorite quotes I believe states it very well, "do something you love and you will never work a day in your life." When you are passionate and love what your doing, it's not work, it's fun.
     Just as a young man works to secure his families future; we must all work to secure our future's future. How can we do that? Live Now. What i mean is don't worry about what the future actually brings. Tell yourself how you want it to be and live like it's that way already. Generally, when we expect something, a victory or failure, negative or positive; we get what we expected, good or bad. If you live now instead of waiting for the future, you are guaranteeing that the future you get is the one you want. The Law of Attraction says so; if you think it will happen, it will happen.
      Living Now is to think about only the present. Like a child opening their eyes for the first time, you see things, everything. You begin to notice that bird's nest in a tree, you hear the rustling of the bush's leaves from the squirrels fighting, you feel the warmth of the sun on your skin, you begin to feel what other people are saying and hear them more clearly than before, you begin to appreciate the work that has gone in to literally everything around you man made or naturally. Everything is clear. You become more aware of your surrounding, you can fully concentrate on the obstacles happening Now, which are the only ones that can ever affect anything anyways. Why wouldn't you want your full focus on them?
      Living Now also makes you happier and less stressed in general. You can't be worrying if you aren't constantly dwelling on the past and future. This is true because the definition of 'worry' itself states 'to think about future or past events.
     Without experiencing the actual feeling of living in the moment, it's hard to fully grasp the concept and benefits. The best way to get in to the Now is to concentrate on your breathing. This may sound cliche but it is 100% true. When you concentrate your mind solely on your breath going in and out while visualizing the oxygen and nourishment being carried to all the parts of your body, you subsequently can't think of anything else except the now.
     Once you fully grasp this idea and have practiced. The next time something irritates you or a problem arises, no matter where you are even if your in the middle of a speech to a million people, remember to take a deep breath and concentrate on this breath. Everyone breathes its normal you wont be an outcast so don't worry. Plus the pause may even help to build up suspense (trust me it works). After that breath your mind will be clear and senses alert. Watch how much better you handle that situation and how much more cool, calm, and collected you seem.
     Living Now makes life run smoothly, naturally, and positively. It allows one to see what they really want, free from distractions. Its also how one can achieve those wants. In fact, what happens now is what determines everything else so don't miss your chance to be happy and naturally create a better place for yourself, your family, and the rest of the world. With the present moment being the only one we can affect and being the only one that truthfully affects anything. It's amazing to me how so many people don't see that and waste so much time worrying about things that will come naturally if we let them.

     My challenge to you is this: 
Start To Live Now. Have Confidence That What You Do Now Will Get You Where You Want To Be AND Stop Worrying About the Future and Wallowing in the Past. Grow, Gain Experience, Constantly Improve to Become the Best You Possible, Love and Respect Yourself As Much As Everyone Else. Be Passionate and Speak with Conviction. ALWAYS Walk With A Smile and Share It The Rest of the World.

If you like this post please leave your comments below. If you hate this post please leave your comments below. I just want to know. The more you guys interact with my blog the more people I can reach and share my thoughts with. These are my thoughts you can feel free to disagree if you do, I would love to see your side. Im not So Ignorant that I think I am always right. But I am a Proud person and dont enjoy asking for help but 
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Awareness of Your Surroundings and Connections or Associations Your Brain Creates Are Incredible. Conscious Effort and Living in the Present Moment Allows You To Improve This and makes You Appreciate the Little Things

       Our brains make so many connections its absolutely incredible. Although we don't consciously interpret the vast majority of these connections. The more you work on living in the present moment,  asking questions, observing your surroundings. I personally at least have begun to see that certain things I see affect my emotions or state or even begin to connect thoughts I had many years prior in response to the same object or a similar object. Mostly for me its for things I've seen frequently for the majority of my life. But sometimes it can even be (and honestly I may be wrong but its what I have noticed) if I meet someone for the first time and I don't like them. I can usually associate them in personality or appearance or vibe with someone or something I previously had decided I didn't like.

    Any ways here's a random thought I had about this incredible bronze fountain in my backyard.
It's called Adventure Mountain after the artist Jim Davidson

                                     I wrote more in a previous blog an in depth post about

     This fountain has been in my backyard forever. I always said and believed I was the kid at the top. Now that I think about it, this fountain has in some ways made me strive to be the best I can be. To me back then the statue of the boy on top was a leader and courageous person, two qualities I have always wanted and fought for. I also thought it was a competitiveness with the others climbing the mountain that he reached the top the fastest to be the best. That's also something I had always wanted. After years of growing and maturing my perceptions have changed as everyone does, but I've seen if they're is truth to a thought it remains while the ones that were wrong whether we know they're wrong or not, our brains manipulate and change in attempt to correct them since our new experiences changed our perception. My thoughts remain the same today looking at this fountain with one drastic difference. The boy on top didn't get their first by wanting to win. Otherwise he'd be chastising the boys close behind. He was still a courageous leader but his desire to help those other boys push themselves and accomplish things they never thought possible like climbing a mountain. He was a true leader who envisioned a goal seemingly dangerous or impossible, inspired others to follow him, and in his desire to inspire and help others he succeeded. Not by stepping on them it cheating but with true passion and motivation to succeed and help others succeed. I know I know its just a fountain right? You need to see the beauty in everything because our brains are so incredible these kinds of associations are everywhere and we just need to be awake to see and understand them.



Intuition Means Learning From Within Photo Quote

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How To Be Happy Being Yourself. Be Honest and Fair With Your Wants and Needs To Help Others More Successfully

"Be Yourself, Everybody Else Is Taken"

Be who you are. So many of us now a days try to be something were not. It causes stress and anxieties that otherwise would not be there. Constantly trying to restrict ourselves to fit in to these stereo-typical types in order to portray a specific image to the masses, this is a lot of work and full-time job. Between social media, school, our social circles, are family and whatever else; if we want them to see us as something were not we must constantly keep up this false image like a lie that just keeps growing and becomes harder and harder to manage. It continues to grow and grow until it gets out of hand and finally the truth comes out (the truth always comes out..). This can make being happy nearly impossible, since the best way to be happy and worry free is to be who you really are, I mean who you REALLY REALLY are, there's no use lying to yourself either because in the long-run even though so many of us do it, it always turns out negatively.
    In the case of being yourself, eventually if you ever want to get close to anyone whether it's your family, a friends, or you fall in love then no matter, they are going to have to see who you really are. Who you really are is who you are when no one is around.
       If you are worried about how a friend or acquaintance will react or feel about you if they found out about a little quirk you have (maybe your a sci-guy) then you may need to reassess that relationship. You may not WANT to be close with those people you consider high and mighty but rude and ignorant. If your friends only like you for someone you are pretending to be then they are not really friends are they? Not true friends at least. Plus you'll attract more better friends if you just be yourself, no games, no charades. 

ALWAYS love yourself and embrace who you are. We are all goofy and a little strange in our own ways, we all believe that there should be a TV show made about us at some point. THAT'S what makes us all individuals, special, different, that's what makes us love to laugh and enjoy life. If you hold back being who you are in fear of others thinking your weird or strange, then the only person you are hurting is yourself. 
Not to mention you are taking away that persons chance to meet the real you, the unique one-of-a-kind person that you really are, robbing them of any ability to get close to the real you even if they wanted to. 

          Think about your good friends, the ones you cant stop laughing with when your around them, the ones that make you love life and appreciate the little things. Chances are they could probably be considered strange or a little weird in their own right. These nine times out of ten are the people at least when comfortable are truly being themselves. They inspire confidence and instill happiness in everyone they come across. They seem to have a super human power to make others happy and there's no way you could affect others that dramatically and positively. THAT'S WRONG. YES YOU CAN. 
Yes these people are special, but so is everyone in one way or another and we all have the capability and ability to be as happy as we want and radiate happiness and affect others in the same way these extremely passionate and happy close friends  have affected us. 
       They live worry free because they have no covers to keep up they're surrounded by people who love them for who they are no matter what. People gravitate towards them. When you are confident in yourself and not try to be anything you are not then you will always find happiness which is what ALL people want. Being true to yourself; fulfilling your wants and needs allows you to radiate positivity and genuine happiness to your close friends, loved-ones, and strangers. 

You can be as happy as you let yourself be.

I can not tell you how to be yourself or what decisions will be best for you. These are the questions that we must all strive to answer for ourselves through experience and trial & error. As long as you follow and stand by your morals and ethics, always being absolutely true to yourself; you're wants and needs, your need to help others, as well as feed your desire to love and be loved. Never trying to be something you are not, BUT ALWAYS TRYING TO BE THE BEST YOU, YOU CAN BE.  Constantly striving for improvement and growth with a conscious effort to smile and spread joy and positivity to everyone you meet no matter what. 
Then eventually you will be that person previously mentioned that you love to be around, not only just to your friends and loved ones but ever random person you come in contact with as well.

My own personal thought. " if you aren't being weird, you aren't being yourself."

My favorite thoughts:
"Be a character, NOT a type."

"Be yourself, everyone else is taken"

Darrien Anthony Eouse