Positive Quotes to Put You In a Happy Mood

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50 Positive Thinking Life Quotes: Build Confidence, Make You Feel Motivated, and Enthusiastic to Start the Day; Have a Guaranteed Great Day

       Great collection of famous influential people and their thoughts on life, personal success, and confidence. Guaranteed to leave you feeling pumped and excited ready to start enacting the changes immediately. Instills drive and self-confidence as well as a motivation to begin and succeed. Awesome to read before a long day at work, during work, before a big game, speech, or presentation. Read it before you go to bed or when you wake up in the morning and take on the day with surprising enthusiasm and willingness. Please comment on the post, if you agree with a certain quote or disagree I would love to hear back. Please Add to The List as You See Fit! I will update it accordingly! 

 “Life has many ways of testing a person’s will, either by having nothing happen at all or by having everything happen all at once.” – Paulo Coelho
“There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle, or the mirror that reflects it.”  - Edith Wharton
“With everything that has happened to you, you can either feel sorry for yourself or treat what has happened as a gift. Everything is either an opportunity to grow or an obstacle to keep you from growing. You get to choose.” – Dr. Wayne W Dyer


The Moment I Started Adulthood

When Do Children Become Adults? Personally, I Believe This Is The Dividing Line, Not Age.

     There are many, many things that I have heard repeated throughout my life mostly from my parents or others who cared for my well-being that I had just shrugged off or pretended to listen to just so I could go back to doing the same old stuff.

     Over these last few years, looking back it truthfully can't believe how stupid I was. It seemed like a light switch to me, where one second I didn't even think about the weight or wisdom of the things I was lucky to be told and then the next second I want to slap the old me in the face for not seeing, understanding, or implementing these too-good-to-be-true pieces of advice, that actually were undeniably facts.


Be Present All During Your Day Because A Small Meaningless Event Can Improve and Change Your Life Forever, If Your Receptive To It.

                               Any Experience Big or Small Can Change Your Life Forever. 
We Must Always Live Now and Be In The Moment to Identify the Power of Seemingly Small Events

     This is the Event That I Have Concluded to Be My First Thought About the Dream of Inspiring and Helping Others Through Actions, Words, and Non-Verbal Cues.  Although, It Is Such a Minor Event, I Had No Problem Recollecting the Memory, Feeling the Way I Felt That Day, and The Thoughts I Had During the Experience. As Years Have Gone By, I Have Practice More and More About Being In the Moment, Living Now, and Being Open To These Types of Events. They Get You Thinking. Our Life is Made Up of Experiences, Everyone Of Which Even If Not a Big Deal To You,  May Be To Another. My Experience Below for Example, Going to Moe's Restaurant, Seemingly Boring Since I Live Close By, But To a Child in a 3rd World Country, It Very Well May Be The Highlight of Their Childhood. What I Mean By This Is We Should Not Take For Granted The Experiences We Have No Matter How Routine or Dull We May Consider It.  Those Who Live Near the Eiffel Tower May Consider It Normal, However When We Go Visit The Eiffel Tower, It's a Memory That Stays With US FOREVER. Dont Be a Victim of Considering Your Surroundings as Constant, Everything is Changing, Anything Could Happen, and There's Beauty in The Miracles That Surround Us All.

I Am Who I Am Because I Ate At Moe's Mexican Restaurant. Huh? Yes, You Read That Right.

 "NOT all life changing experiences are giant. Some can happen in a split second. I can remember the exact moment I wanted to start living more positive and incorporating it in my daily life. One day, I was having a bad day and was currently fighting with an addiction as well. I had not seen a smiling face, act of kindness, or simple chivalrous gesture done I think ever. I was at my near bottom with no fate or optimism for the future or belief I would ever be happy.
       I remember I walked in to Moe's for the first time... What happens when you walk in to Moe's?
                         Every worker Yells, "WELCOME TO MOES!" 

      I have seen this done at other restaurants but this was DIFFERENT. Every employee in the building from the assembly line, to the bus boy,to the cashier, to the manager (I actually had to compliment the staff, never did that before..)

    They were all sincere, they were really smiling, they had enthusiasm when they spoke to you it was clear, confident, they made eye contact,  they joked with eachother and laughed around the whole process, INCLUDING ME in the conversation that forced me to start laughing.. (they did this while executing their jobs extremely well.

   They had passion, they loved their jobs, they loved who they were around, they were able to be themselves while making money.  They spoke loud enough to hear and exemplified with their eyes and their smile, made eye contact and their eyes were wide open while listening. They were funhearted lovable charismatic, genuinely happy, and were being themselves.

     This one tiny experience changed my life. It was that moment where I saw first hand the power a warm hearted, genuine person with a smile on their face could affect my own personal emotions and flipped that depressed  state of being I was in before I went in. When I Left I was smiling, positive,  enthusiastic, and optimistic for the future.

   That trip to Moe's sparked my mission to constantly improve myself , be chivalrous to all women of all ages (even when others refuse and are just ass holes), I decided I was going to only think positive thoughts, help other's,  be respectful to men and women o all ages equally, and also to use stand by my moral and ethics WHILE ALWAYS striving to be a polite gentleman, and use my manners no matter the circumstance.

  Im still working on these things. I've made mistakes but I make a constant effort to act consciously according to my morals, who I want to be and who I am. If I make a mistake or am wrong I will always own up and take my consequences, apologize for my misdoings and ALWAYS learn from that valuable experience. I will never be perfect and I will always mess up or falter at least a little and TRUST ME I have.

   Through this year I took off for reflecting and growing. Ive been able to implement my positive lifestyle to work and all other areas of my life. I am confident in the man I am and the man I will be."

      We have all had different experiences that lead us to see things with a different perception or come to a different conclusion.  I can guarantee that if you are reading this, you have experienced an event either traumatic, like a devastating injury, or something constructive like working and saving for years to buy your first new car. I do agree that these can be very life-altering events either for good or bad. I understand asking a stranger to share a personal story tragedy or life-changing experience on a public blog would be a little much pressure for most. However anything you have to say even if it is just a comment and would be much appreciated.  Im happy to lend a listening ear. And offer advice if I can.I want to hear anything you have to say, long or short,  good or bad. Big or small. SOME LITTLE THINGS CAN MAKE A HUGE DIFFERENCE.

      After Awhile Living Somewhere We Begin To Concentrate on Less and Less Because Our Brains Consider Them As Constants. However, Since ALL Humans Being are Created Equal, the Deciding Factor On What It Is We Remember or Learn From These Small Reoccurring Events Depends On How Open We Are To Them. If You Are Driving Down The Street You Live On for 10 Years, Your Probably Thinking About Something Else Other Than The Beauty of the Trees or Houses. We Need to Shake That OFF and Think Consciously. Live Now, Live in The Moment, and Appreciate the Beauty of Everything That Surrounds Us. 

Easiest Way to Think Optimistically

    Smiles are Contagious. Smiles Create Happiness and Promote Well-Beinf. 
   The Law of Attraction Says Your Thoughts Will Become Your Reality.  Happiness Attracts Happiness and Smiles Promote Positive Thoughts.
     Have You Ever Seen a newborn Baby Smile at You?
    Genuinely Smile through the Day, Think Positive Thoughts, and Being Polite & Chivalrous to All, (especially) Women and Children.
  A Childs Smile and Laughter Is Divinely Powerful.
     We are all Human, we all struggle to find happiness, and its hard to smile when you feel like Atlas with the weight of the world is on your shoulders and Murphys Law is in full affect.
   We constantly find ourselves asking at times (especially in difficult/stressful situations)
   " what do I have to smile about, what could possibly be worth being happy about with all these struggles and problems im dealing with?"
We may also even think (very often),
"Why should I Smile when no one else is, and how can it affect my mood or well-being positively?"

    You need to have faith and be confident that things will be better if you do. Our brain associates certain actions and events with specific emotions or states.  Conciously making the effort to put a smile on NO MATTER what, will lead to you doing it habitually. Thats when you will start to see the change. The Law of Attraction is proof of how our thoughts can impact our daily life and outcomes.
    You must live the change you want to see and act the way you want to feel LIke ITS ALREADY TRUE. Eventually it will be. If your depressed or pessimistic about the present or future. Think of all the blessings and talents you have. Be grateful for family and friends as well as think of a moment you knew for sure you were sincerely happy and smiling. THEN put yourself back in to that moment, think and relive the experience and the emotion.
    Let children guide you and be your teachers. If your not happy, BUT WANT TO BE. You need act enthusiastic to be enthusiastic.
Even if you fake a smile, it can still have positive affects and over time becomes the truth.